Sutton Bank Wins Tearsheet Bank / Fintech Partnership Grand Prize


Tearsheet's awards recognize the great partnerships being formed between incumbents and fintechs. The best partnerships go beyond PR to deliver real customer value.

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Appendix: Cybersecurity For The Small and Medium Size Business


Effectively managing and addressing cyber-security threats and the consequent risks is always a matter of resources, both the availability of resources and how businesses utilize the resources available to them. Unfortunately, the availability of effective resources often boils down to money.

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Top 10 Prepaid Compliance Best Practices


Through extensive experience with federal regulators and dynamic business relationships with its Prepaid Card partners, Sutton Bank employs straightforward compliance practices to offer superior prepaid card products. As an early adopter of the prepaid card model, Sutton's years of experience are expertly supported by a compliance team with over 60 years of hands-on involvement. Sutton Bank and its many teams innovatively manage the issues and uniquely handle the challenges facing the prepaid card industry by the adoption of these simple yet effective Compliance Best Practices.

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Cyber-Security for the Small And Medium Size Business


Small and medium size businesses (?SMBs?) are often targeted by cyber criminals as they are perceived as the weakest link. SMBs with sensitive and confidential data must protect it from the same threats as larger companies but with vastly different resources. As a result, SMBs must marshal the resources available to them to harness practical solutions which will sustain an environment secure from the deluge of cyber threats present in the digital world. This process will fundamentally involve understanding the threats and the resulting risks to your company from a cyber-attack, and implementing effective controls to protect your business. If you ignore your responsibility to protect your business from a cyber security attack, the consequences are severe.

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How an Innovative Community Bank is Disrupting On-Demand Payments


Sutton Bank, a community bank located in north central Ohio, has been an issuing bank of prepaid cards for nearly fifteen years. As an issuing bank, Sutton sponsors numerous programs and actively participates in growing the prepaid card industry. Recently through its processor and program manager relationships, Sutton has issued prepaid cards for some of the emerging On-Demand marketplace opportunities.

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