How to Leverage

How to Leverage

A strong established bank offering prepaid

  • – Old fashioned innovation”: Use this as a foundation of a marketing campaign – it’s sincere and uniquely defensible. As a bank over 130 years old, unique bank ownership and a founder of the prepaid business, SB has a unique claim. AND when you pile on the reputation for responsiveness, flexibility, and desire and ability to grow – very unique
  • – Create a strong marketing campaign to take to payments market AND well beyond. See “opportunities” for build out of ideas.


Use this to immediate advantage when new deals come in. Especially when you know the same deal is going to another bank, assure SB responds much faster, more thoroughly than other bank(s)

Board is supportive of Prepaid

Similar to “nimble”, use this to be able to get responses faster, especially on
entering a new market or a required investment to take a big market share

Customize programs

Given Marqeta’s configurability, and #2 and #3 above, SB should be able to customize faster and better than most competitors. Actively market this, and be responsive to requests. Build case studies of success stories to tout in marketing materials

Scale via partners

With the processing partners SB has, and their additional capabilities beyond processing, SB can tell a story and be able to deliver – on projects on scale with much larger banks